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Closers.com is a private network of the world’s top closers.
To work with our talent, we have a 6-step process we’ll guide you through.

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Companies come to us to save time and money when hiring sales-talent.
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Meet Some Of Our Closers

Ron Ung

Ron Ung

E-commerce and Back of Room Closing

Ron has got positive-energy and a heart of gold. He specializes in closing in the digital marketing industry - where Ron has developed years of expert knowledge in. Outside of his closing career, Ron also helps a non-profit in Cambodia for underprivileged kids.

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Simona Boldrini

Simona Boldrini

Health and Fitness

Simona is a mission-driven closer who loves impacting peoples’ lives. She specializes in working with brands who sell personal development programs. She loves these programs so much she likes to go through each of the programs herself before she closes anyone into them!

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Sandy Gum

Sandy Gum

Insurance & Investment

Sandy is well known within our network at Closers.com as one of the top leaders. She’s had 15 years of sales experience in the insurance industry. Interesting fact about Sandy is she’s been working regular 18 hour days since she was a teenager.

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Vincent Motsch

Vincent Motsch

Business growth coaching and Real Estate

Vincent is one of our closing team leaders who help brands scale in the real estate industry and in french speaking markets. He’s the only closing team leader we have within our network who works side-by-side with his wife to lead their team of closers.

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Tino Dinh

Tino Dinh

Digital Marketing, TV Production

Fascinated with the entertainment and broadcasting since she was young, Tino is one of the few closers we know with a deep industry knowledge of mass-media production world. She loves being creative and closing in fast-paced environments.

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George David

George David

Tech Industry

George is the best of the best. He’s one of the top closers within our closers.com network - among all the other top closers. His background is in the tech industry however, he can close in almost any industry.

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Joel Bauer

"$12 million in my pocket is what I believe I would have, above and beyond what I've made, in the last 10 years alone had I found Dan Lok and his closers sooner."

Joel Bauer Joel Bauer Joel Bauer Founder of Joel Bauer & Associates, Inc. Master Closer, Trainer Of Over 1,900 Top Speakers, Authors, And Entrepreneurs
Michael Lee Gerber

"I wish to God I had had all those closers for all these years in all my enterprises to be able to touch millions upon millions of people worldwide"

Michael Lee Gerber Michael Lee Gerber Michael Lee Gerber Founder of Michael E. Gerber Companies New York Times Best-Selling Author Of The E-Myth
Peng Joon

"I've done 200+ events in more than 20 countries all over the world, and Dan’s closers were world-class."

Peng Joon Peng Joon Peng Joon Founder of Smobble International Renowned Speaker And Top influencers In The World