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How To Hire A Sales Team That You Can Trust With Your Clients

How To Hire A Sales Team That You Can Trust With Your Clients

You wear many hats, including sales, if you’re a business owner. Sometimes you can’t find the time to focus on what matters to you most - solving your client’s problems and growing your business. When you hire a sales team, a lot of that stress will lift the weight off your shoulders. Hiring a sales team you can trust is even better.

Finding the right salespeople to work for you is crucial. You want to trust them in handling all your leads and clients. Closing sales is the main reason your business keeps running. So you need to find a sales team that could bring in results for you. You deserve to find the revenue you need to succeed.

It’s critical to work with the right people throughout your business. You can save time and money when you avoid working with people who can’t make your business more efficient. CB Insights states that 23% of starting companies fail because they didn't build the right team. Be mindful of who you hire and their performance at the beginning of working for you. It’s best to stick with quality salespeople only. You won’t have to worry about holding their hand throughout the whole sales process.

Read on to find out how you can hire a sales team that you can trust with your clients:

No Relationship, No Business

When you bring in new people to your business, do they share your core values and company culture? Any employee must understand the way you operate your business. It would be difficult to trust anyone who isn’t motivated by the environment they’re in. A positive work environment and company culture will impact your team to achieve better.

Before you hire a sales team, you should test each candidate’s ability to close. Discover how it’s like if the salesperson closed you on your company’s services. You’ll get a sense of how skillful they are by the emotions they’ve put you through.

People always want to know, “What’s in it for them?” So, what’s in it for your clients? Your sales team should deliver value before they try to pitch anything else to your clients. It’ll help with building a strong relationship and gaining some trust. The more value they can add, the easier it’ll be to close sales.

You can trust hiring the right salespeople if they show they want to get to know your clients. A perfect way to do this is to talk less on the phone. Ask questions and listen to what their problems are. Be the shoulder they can cry on. Be the hero, and offer them your solutions. It’ll be rewarding when clients thank you later. Don’t spend the whole time on the phone talking about all the features and benefits. Your salespeople need to show charisma and how much they care. 

It Pays More To Be Yourself

It’s true. Anyone can become more successful by being themselves. Especially with salespeople, they should be as genuine as possible towards clients. People will be less attracted to buy from you if they can sense dishonesty or lack of authenticity. Don’t lose a sale by losing a client’s trust.

People like to buy from people they can trust. Your salespeople could build rapport by sharing some of their vulnerable experiences too. They can show curiosity and interest in clients to connect better. Find out what’s the real reason why they’re calling your business. Your clients would immediately feel more comfortable doing business with you because they’ll feel understood.

“It’s not just that people want to deal with someone they like. It’s that they want to deal with someone who likes them, and who is like them. People trust that those who like them won’t steer them wrong.” – Robert Cialdini, Author of Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade

Most sales gurus believe they need to “convince” and “persuade” clients. You don’t want to hire a sales team with this type of mindset. It takes away the trust-building during the sales process if your salespeople sound like they want nothing else but the sale. It’s possible for people to feel manipulated. And they’ll contact you for complaints or to request for a refund. Avoid hiring salespeople who aren’t willing to take time in giving your clients a pleasant experience. 

Don’t Hold Anyone’s Hand

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could count on everyone working for you? You trust that everyone knows what to do without your help and presence. You have more time for yourself to focus on other aspects of growing your business. Wouldn’t it be less stressful if you don’t need to hold anyone’s hand through every process?

When you hire a sales team, you should look for resourceful people. A certain level of resourcefulness and self-transformation is required. That means they are capable of running your business without you. They know what it takes to succeed in their position. They will try and find the solutions first before asking for you. If salespeople care enough about their success, you can trust them to make you successful.

You need salespeople who know how to handle a sale process successfully. You’re looking for more help in your business. You’re not looking to add more work for yourself if you still need to guide people in your team. You’ll feel more comfortable knowing they can deal with any situation. Those who will rely on thinking outside the box will be generating revenue for your business.

Hire a Sales Team Who’s Willing To Say “No”

You don’t have to win every sale. Sometimes it’s better to let go of clients who aren’t a good fit for your business. It’s not worth you giving attention to people who will give you a hard time. You can stop wasting valuable time by working with the right clients. How will you determine which clients are right for you?

Great sales professionals aren’t afraid to say “no” to clients. Hire people you can trust to help you filter out bad clients. And if you value your business’s reputation, you’ll only want clients to have a successful and positive experience. It doesn’t matter if clients have an interest or money for your services. Is what the client asking reasonable? Will your business solve their problems?

It’s critical to not hold onto every sale. Imagine if you had salespeople who only cared about closing every sale for their commissions. And what if they closed clients who aren’t that great of a fit for your business? These clients could be impatient and request too much work from you. Then you’ll start receiving complaints and bad reviews if your services couldn’t meet their needs. Don’t let this happen to your business and only work with those who are willing to give you respect.


There’s a lot of consideration when you hire a sales team that you can trust with your clients. You need salespeople who can agree with your core values and show they understand the company’s culture. You’ll be able to rely on your sales team if they’re authentic and resourceful. And when salespeople can help you bring in the best clients, you won’t have to worry about dealing with problems you didn’t sign up for. If you’re looking to hire this type of salesperson in your team, you can always find sales pros here.