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Why Remote Salespeople Are Most Cost Effective And Yield Untapped Sales Opportunities

Why Remote Salespeople Are Most Cost Effective And Yield Untapped Sales Opportunities

Most business owners believe there’s only one way to operate a sales organization, and it’s to have your sales team thrive by working in the office with you. You want them by your side to give you the latest updates to every warm call they make. You want to make sure they sound adequately trained and knowledgeable of your products or services. You might think “face-to-face would be better.” And it might seem reasonable - the excitement of celebrating big closing deals together as a company.

What most companies don’t realize is that having remote salespeople is most cost-effective and can bring you more success. Forbes reported the importance of flexible workspace for employees. Several industry leaders have seen how rewarding it is to offer remote sales work. These companies saved more money on real estate, utilities, and other office expenses.

You’ll also be tapping into new sales opportunities when working with a remote sales team. When companies offer more flexibility, they're allowing employees to work fewer hours while improving staff productivity. Not only will this type of work environment give employee satisfaction, but it’ll help you find better sales talent.

“Flexible policies signal that a company is willing to innovate, evolve, and adapt to a changing marketplace” -

We understand some sales consultants might be difficult to convince to have them believe remote salespeople will be productive without supervision. That’s why we’ll cover the benefits of how companies can generate more leads by working with remote salespeople. 

Only Pay For The Work That’s Done

How much are you currently spending every month on your business? Are you looking for ways to cut down the costs? With remote salespeople, you’ll no longer need more office space, work supplies, and to spend on technical expenses.

You can scale back on these costs and see a result in substantial business savings. In reality, workers are spending most of their time in the office slacking off. Research shows that the average employee wastes more than eight hours per workweek on activities unrelated to the job. These activities may include talking to other employees, using their cellphones, and shop or watch videos on their computers. That’s a big chunk of their time wasted, and you’re paying for it.

Your employees will be saving money too. It's a win-win for everyone! They won't have to pay for gas as much anymore since they don’t need to commute. They no longer have to buy lunch daily. Or this will save you money if you're offering lunch to your company. Their home will be their office. You don't have to worry about paying their electricity or phone bills if you hire remote salespeople. You’ll only have to pay for the results they produced.

Find The Best Remote Salespeople

When you’re open to working with employees remotely, you can consider hiring people from all over the world. You don’t need to limit yourself to hiring the people located near you. You can open the doors to finding some top tier candidates in other cities or countries. Especially for salespeople, it’s an advantage to have them from other countries. They could work in different time zones and speak other languages. That means more sales opportunities for you!

There might be better talent in places you haven’t discovered yet. You'll have a diversity of salespeople from all walks of life and backgrounds. For example, you might have a working mom that prefers to stay at home and close deals. If you have leads that are also working moms, she can build rapport better with them since she’ll be able to relate. It’s essential to create a deep connection with your prospects to help with their decision-making in your products or services. 

More Productivity Than Ever Before

We've mentioned earlier how much more productive your salespeople could be if they worked remotely for you. Let's dive into that some more…

Here are several reasons why remote salespeople could be more productive:

  • They'll experience a better life-work balance and will feel happier.
  • They’ll start their day whenever they feel well-rested to avoid feeling stressed.
  • They'll feel healthier by not having to commute to work every day.
  • They won’t need to take time off when they're feeling sick because they'll rest whenever they need to.
  • They'll be more self-reliant and less dependent on you to walk them through every process.
  • They'll create their schedule and choose to get more done like putting in more hours during the weekends or holidays.

Working remotely from home isn’t about employees having the freedom. It’s more about freeing them from the traditional working schedule. Some people perform better at different times. If you have staff members that aren’t morning people, they can lack productivity throughout the day. It’s especially likely to some people where they’re more productive and creative at night instead.

Focus On Doing The Work You Love

Do you have trouble focusing on your primary goals and barely making the deadlines? You can take the stress off and be confident in your remote sales team.

Business owners and sales consultants can find more time for themselves. Instead of spending time micromanaging your sales team, you can take on additional responsibilities. Don’t do the things you don’t want to do; you can improve task efficiency by finding the right people to do what you don’t have time for. You can focus on what really matters most and continue to grow your business.

It takes off a lot of responsibility and stress from you when you can trust remote salespeople. That’s why it’s important to hire sales professionals. You won’t have to train them other than let them get to know your company. You don’t have to manage as many staff members. There are less paperwork and fewer hassles. The hiring process will be faster for remote employees too.

Communication has never been more comfortable and convenient nowadays. So do yourself a favor and save some time and money by hiring remote sales-talent. There are other ways you can get more sales opportunities too. You’ll have more time to attend networking events with other professionals. You can start thinking about launching new products or services for your business. You can stay confident in your remote team because they specialize in one exact area and strives for mastery - which is closing deals for you!


Hiring remote salespeople on your team will be the most cost-effective decision for any business owner. You’ll be tapping into more sales opportunities by finding more qualified people, having more flexibility, and becoming more efficient with what you do best. Let sales professionals handle all the closing for you while you watch your business scale. If you’re looking for these types of people to work for you remotely, you can hire sales pros here.