Careers at Privacera

Join us to to help enterprise balance data governance and security with analytics and insights.

What We do and Why You Should Join Privacera?

We believe access to the right data by the right people at the right time can change the world.

The next set of transformative companies will be the ones that harness the power of data and leverage it to build world-class products and services. Data should be democratized and be available to everyone in an organization.

Guardrails around data governance and security must be maintained at all times.

Privacera’s mission is to help our customers maximize the value of their data by providing a comprehensive data governance and security platform that works across all cloud and on-premises data services so enterprises can analyze all their data consistently, transparently, and with confidence that they are maintaining customer privacy and complying with important regulations like CCPA and GDPR.

We are looking for ambitious engineers, solution architects, sales executives who believe in pushing the envelope and making an impact.

We believe in individual’s right to privacy and the fact that responsible use of data can make the world a better place. We would welcome you to join us in our mission. Our work in Privacera is based on open standards and a culmination of years of work done in the community with Apache Ranger and Apache Atlas projects.