Vector Marketing Canada

Who are we? We’re the company that sells CUTCO® Cutlery. Our people are diverse and fun, 85% of our sales force is student-aged, and they get geeked out by awesome kitchen products. True, many of the people we work with never once thought about kitchen knives before they met us. But, they catch on quickly. What’s Vector? Vector Marketing is a single-level direct sales company that sells CUTCO®. Back in the day there were hundreds of small independent sellers of CUTCO®. In 1981, Vector was created as an independent seller. Vector Marketing started operating in Canada in 1990. CUTCO® Cutlery is a high-quality line of kitchen cutlery, kitchen accessories, and sporting knives. CUTCO® has been manufactured in Olean, New York since 1949. We are proud to be the only high-quality cutlery line still made right here in North America. Over 15 million homes in North America have CUTCO® in their kitchen. Why? Because the knives are freaking awesome… and guaranteed FOREVER. Our customers absolutely love them. Our Vision & Mission Vision: to be universally recognized as the Premier Student Opportunity in Canada. Mission: to be the arena where everyone can learn, grow and dream. We’re Proud Because… We’re one of the largest recruiters of students in North America each year. • Our people develop some impressive soft skills while selling CUTCO®, and they build a resume that can take them anywhere. • Our people think it’s pretty cool to give back. • Our people are diverse. If you’re willing to work hard, have an open mind and a great attitude, we might be a good fit for you!