Cornerstone Financial Services LLC

We run and analyze your corporate books for you, so you can manage your small business effectively . I have 25 years experience in the financial field . I have several years of bookkeeping experience in various small to medium sized businesses. I also have an existing small business of my own and I know the ins and outs of running a business . I’m also an experienced registered IRS tax planner. Most of all I know bookkeeping for small business. I use QuickBooks Online as my accounting platform. We also use various third party apps on Quickbooks Online to streamline the job workflow.

We manage the following task:

Recognizing the importance of accurate paper trail of source documents

· Keeping bank and credit card accounts current and accurate

· Generate Profit and loss statements

· Generate balance sheets

· Clean up of your general ledger

· Accounts Receivable

· Accounts Payable

· Handling Payroll using third party apps

· Sales Tax

. Tracking Sales

. Fund raising for business loans.

· Financial Recommendation. We interpret the numbers for you do you can make sound business decisions.

· We act as your ground floor financial adviser

WHY IT WORKS: i work with a group of accounting and financial specialist who specializes in Quickbooks Online Accounting Platform