Waterlogic USA

Waterlogic is a leading supplier of point-of-use water coolers. Our mission is to be the best global provider of excellent drinking water to business enterprises. Since Waterlogic was founded in 1992, we’ve grown into a leader in point-of-use water purification and only Waterlogic water coolers combine sophisticated water filtration with UV purification. We manufacture and service a wide range of water coolers that connect directly to your water supply so we can match the needs of your workplace and the local water conditions. Our industry-leading bottleless water cooler service provides companies with an endless supply of the highest quality water and our water experts are on hand to provide the best advice and support so you have one less thing to worry about. Our philosophy is to make water dispenser rental simple and hassle-free. This combined with our national service capabilities and our ability to deliver the freshest, cleanest and best tasting water appeals to thousands of manufacturing, medical facilities, and franchise businesses - which is the reason we’ve grown to be one of the largest bottleless cooler companies in the country.