Stone Creek Global - Integrity in Lending

Stone Creek Global offers a closing opportunity unlike any other...

We offer the possibility to Close 9-figure deals and earn 7-figure commission on a single close. 

Stone Creek Global is offering Non- Recourse Stocks Loans at a Low-Fixed Interest. 

Our clients are High-Level Executives, Major Share Holders with Allegiance to Company and Publicly Traded Companies.  

You will be selling a HIGHLY in-demand product, CASH.  

In demand Produkt

The demand for Stock Loans has increased by 50% during COVID.

Executives are looking to reduce concentrated risk exposure in uncertain times without making it public and causing suspicion amongst shareholders. 

Public Companies are facing a bond crisis globally and it will get worse. You have the opportunity to take part in opening up liquidity to companies of all sizes who cannot refinance their existing bond debt or access additional funds. With these deals it possible to earn 7-figure commissions. 


You will have access to the best training in the industry. 

You will learn secrets about the lending world and the stock market you can't find anywhere else. We have over 20 hours of state of the art training for our closers. 


Our closers are not provided with warm leads, but we provide excellent and proven systems. Our closers are getting successes with among others LinkedIn Automation, some get success simply by following and commenting on posts, while others use a more targeted approach.

Who we are looking for.

Its benefit if you:

- Are familiar with how the finance world works and how the stock market works.

- Connections in Luxury Real Estate, Yacht, Private jet, Walth Management and similar industries that serve high net worth individuals. Are connected with influential people in Publicly Traded Companies.

- Have good business acumen and can speak finance. 

These is not essentials as you will get all the skills you need in the training. 

Its big benefit if access to Ultra High Ticket Closer, as the people that are the highest earners with SCG are using a "Sniper" Targeted approach. 

Most importantly you need to take the opportunity seriously, go through training and be willing to put in the work.