Our Story

We're a team of highly-creative, highly-determined and highly-successful industry leaders working together to expand our footprint in the areas of design, manufacturing and distribution of Lifestyle, Fashion, Decor, Giftware, Health, Wellness and Gourmet products. For over 70 years, Ontario-based Giftcraft has been synonymous with quality, trendsetting designs and best-in-class sales and service across North America. You can rely on Giftcraft to deliver the Right Product at the Right Time and at the Right Price to maximize your opportunities for sales success.

Our Global Journey

The success of every Giftcraft product starts long before its arrival in your store. Its journey begins with a concept borne out of thorough market-research, comprehensive sales analysis and the creativity of our Best-in-Class Design and Merchandising teams. Concept to development takes us to the four-corners of the earth to source the best materials, natural ingredients and manufacturing processes. See the results of our methodical design, development and sourcing process when you explore our industry-leading selection of products.