To be the most significant, most strategic, and innovative metal services and product company in North America by merging of great people and excellent businesses. This will give all involved the benefits of a large corporation while keeping the grass roots operational value of all our locations intact.


With our mission in mind, we are growing through mergers and acquisitions to consolidate the heavily fragmented metal supply, services, and manufacturing sector of the industry. This brings many benefits to everyone involved; economies of scale, volume discounts, a client base to learn from, our partners will see the benefit not available anywhere else, and revolutionizing the industry to improve everyone’s experience.

Benefits our partners will have

  • KEEP EQUITY- You will get the benefit of having equity in our growing international company that will be growing in value by M&A and going public
  • RETIREMENT CAPITAL– We have many strategies around how to can generate cashflow going into your retirement
  • EMPLOYEES– Your employees get an equity position in a growing international company when we go public
  • TAXES– Our professionals will work with you to get you the best outcome possible
  • GETTING YOU YOUR MONEY– We have debt finance, equity partners, and some world-class folks on our team that will be sure you get your money out your business; they wouldn’t risk their reputation otherwise


Once we hit the $500M mark we will be going public by reverse merger. That will provide access to global funding and the ability to approach some publicly traded companies about a takeover. It also gives us a more comfortable position in buying companies from private equity groups with higher multiples. The reason we want to do this is to help consolidate the heavily fragmented sector, so the clients and partners get what they deserve, a great experience, and greater buying power.

High Ticket Closers

As one of our Closers you will work side by side with our B2B Marketing team. The marketing team will work to provide you with warm leads, however, you are also expected to do cold outreach. 

You should have the finesse to get past gatekeepers and book meetings with company owners.

Also, have the skill do go deep with prospects. Get them to open up about their current and future pains and needs. Also, get them to see the potential and big picture of partnering with Metalmergercorp.

Most of the work will be done by the accountant, lawyers, and our dream team. You will get them on a call, qualify them, and then pass them on to our team and your job is done. 

You will be compensated with a percentage brokers commission of the deal as the deal closes. Then you will also be given equity in the Metal Group based on the size of the deals you help us close. 

Who are we looking for

As a High Ticket Closer myself I'm aware well aware that many HTCs have an interest in mergers and acquisitions.

Most closers are familiar with Dan Pena and QLA. We want closers that are passionate and are seriously considering getting into QLA themselves.  

You will be working side-by-side with a dedicated and competent team that will make sure you succeed.

This is an excellent stepping stone if you plan to do QLA on your own in the future. Also, en opportunity to earn significant wealth while you are learning.