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The Company


Qventus is the leader in patient flow automation for leading hospitals and health systems. Integrating with EMRs, Qventus applies AI and behavioral science to identify and predict operational issues before they occur, orchestrate actions among frontline teams and ancillaries, and manage accountability to drive continuous improvement.


With Qventus, organizations like Common Spirit (formerly Dignity and CHI), NewYork-Presbyterian, Emory, Fairview, Sisters of Mercy (St Louis), SCL, and Stanford are transforming operations, reducing inpatient length of stay by 0.3 to 0.8 days, eliminating thousands of excess days, decreasing emergency department left without being seen rates by 50%. Qventus has been recognized with prestigious industry awards, including the #1 solution for Patient Flow by Blackbook, the #1 solution for EHR data interoperability by UCSF, and a top 100 Most Promising Company in Artificial Intelligence by CB Insights.