Metal Merger Corporation

Our mission is to be the most significant, most strategic, and innovative metal services and product company in North America by merging of great businesses and great people. This will give all involved the benefits of a large corporation while keeping the grassroots operational value of all our locations intact. We are building a culture that encourages innovation, free-thinking with an entrepreneurial spirit that is an ambassador to the steel industry and everyone in it. We are building a company that will partner with you today or down the road.

When I get asked, "Greg, what do you do?" I say, "My team and I provide metal business owners with a unique opportunity to create a clear exit plan from their business for the short term or the long term. Our goal is to partner with many businesses in North America and bring them all together to innovate in all aspects like technology, people, finances, trade training, sales, marketing, finishes, treatments, and products."