Fractional Financial Services

Fractional Financial Services was born a few minutes after our Management Services group, but as a result of the same general thesis: Covid-19 has change the world in many ways and the people affected by the pandemic need help.

At FFS, we try to do our part in two ways – 1st, we help people protect their homes and families against unforeseen tragedies, like those caused by Covid-19. 2nd, we help those displaced or that find themselves in income deficient circumstances, caused by the virus, to get back on their feet, with solid part-time and full-time incomes.

On the financial services side, we help families with mortgage protection, estate and college planning, disability protection, final expenses and with income replacement strategies due to chronic or critical illnesses. And we do this with cutting edge products from over 30 A+ rated carriers.

The Pandemic has caused previously unimagined losses to families:

• 35 million Americans without jobs

• Many with no hope of returning to previous positions

• Millions of businesses forced to lay off employees

• Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their loved ones

• Many more have been hospitalized in critical care

We need to get everyone protected in times like these, so families do not suffer unnecessarily.

If your job or business has been financially affected by the pandemic, we have full and part-time positions available that can put difference making cash in your pocket in days. We can help you create an income that you will NEVER again have to worry about losing.