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Welcome to Gravy Analytics

In 2011, Gravy Analytics recognized that mobile, location-based marketing was going to disrupt the marketing and analytics paradigm.  And it has.  With the industry poised to pass $55 billion and mobile media consumption surpassing desktop, mobile location has arrived.

But for marketers, successful location-based marketing goes beyond simply knowing where consumers are at. Success requires context and quality underlying data. That’s what Gravy Analytics is all about.

Marketers need context to understand why consumers go where they do. The local events and activities we choose to engage in delivers that context – providing insight into our lifestyles, interests and affinities. That’s why we maintain the largest database of local events and activities in the U.S. From it we deliver real-world consumer intelligence for advertisers and brands.

We recognize that location-based context is only as valuable as the quality of the data used to create these insights.  Gravy Analytics built the first and only location verification engine, AdmitOne, to eliminate poor location signals and deliver the most conclusive consumer audiences, insights, and data available.  And as always, Gravy puts consumer privacy at the center of everything we do.