Integrate combines technology, data, services and integrations to fuel the best demand marketing programs and drive revenue acceleration through unity. To date, our powerful software has processed more than 8 million lead records and scaled customers’ pipeline by more than 600 percent—a ten-fold increase in ROI. The Integrate platform consolidates all of your lead sources and even helps you find new prospects. With integrate as your database ‘traffic cop,’ you can rest assured that every lead is globally compliant, accurate and intelligent before it is routed into your systems.

We believe in a better and more efficient world for B2B marketers. We want you to be bold. Different. B2B marketing game changers.

As an indispensable partner to our customers, we empower them to centralize demand channels and strengthen strategies to achieve measurable success. Integrate has helped marketing teams at some of the largest companies in the world transform their demand generation investments into revenue.