Business listing and building footprint data for over 6MM POIs in the US and Canada. Covers locations for major retail chains, shopping malls, convenience stores, airports, and more.
Places Patterns
Store visitor analytics, foot-traffic counts, and demographic insights data for POI. Data can answer questions such as: how often do people visit stores, where did they come from, where else do they shop?
Seamlessly integrate your existing POI data with SafeGraph's enriched Places data.
Complete POI Information
Business category, open hours, visit count, popular times and more are associated with each place. The top 5,500+ brands are mapped to over 1MM POI. Noisy locations are removed (ATMs, Red Box kiosks, etc.). Closed stores are filtered out. Irrelevant businesses (like home LLCs with no employees) are kept out. Here's a guide answering every question you have about POI data.
Precise Building Footprints
Building footprints are derived from satellite imagery and places are spatially hierarchical. Polygons for sub-stores are specified and tied to their parent store geometry (e.g. Starbucks inside a strip mall). SafeGraph's geofences offer the most precise understanding in the market on where stores are located.
We onboard data from thousands of diverse sources. We compare, de-dupe, cross-reference, and discard bad data.
Our building footprints are derived from satellite imagery and supplemented with hand-drawn polygons.
We use machine learning and human feedback to associate POI business listing info with building footprints.
We algorithmically classify brands and denote spatial hierarchy. POIs (like restaurants) can exist within other POIs (like airports).
SafeGraph leverages unique truth sets to continually improve the accuracy of our datasets.
Our POI and business listing data is updated monthly to account for store openings and closings.
That's it – that's all we do. We seek to understand the physical world and power innovation through open access to geospatial data.
Aug 27, 2020
Full time
SafeGraph Remote
Join SafeGraph's team as a Business Development Representative. You'll be responsible for growing, managing, and qualifying top of funnel pipeline for the Sales team. Leveraging email, phone, and social channels, you'll execute & optimize a playbook to engage with both outbound and inbound leads, to identify which organizations are ready to move forward with evaluating SafeGraph's Places data offerings. This role will report to the VP of Business Development.   Opportunity to: become an expert in SafeGraph's data products & value proposition build scalable outbound campaigns using sales tools, such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator and own the qualification process, managing a pipeline with dedicated Account Executives uncapped earning potential w/ salary + volume based commission work with an amazing team, as one of the first 40 people in a very-fast growing company About you: 2+ years of relevant experience No Resume?...