Ardent Mortgages Inc.

Ardent Mortgages Inc. is an innovative and up and coming new mortgage brokerage in Waterloo, Ontario. We specialize in the mortgage refinance space where we help our clients consolidate their debt, free up their cash flow and escape the cycle of debt completely. We work with our clients to understand their financial situation, come up with a plan for improving their finances, and helping them through every step of their deal.

Sep 10, 2020
Full time Contractor
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Ardent Mortgages Inc. FSRAO #13023 - Licensed Mortgage Agent Position* About the Brokerage: * Ardent Mortgages Inc. was established in 2018 with a mission of helping homeowners build their wealth and to become debt free. We believe that in a financial system where homeowners are getting left behind that our role as a mortgage brokerage is to help guide clients on their path to financial freedom. In a system where consumers have very easy access to borrowed funds, household unsecured debts are at record highs, and the interest rates consumers borrow at are astronomical. If you believe that you can help change peoples lives by improving their finances - this is the place you want to be. Is this the right fit for you?* The right candidate for this position will have the following experience and skill-sets: Ability to work Independently - and set, achieve, and exceed targets (entrepreneurial mind-set) Strong time-management and efficiency...