PlanITROI, Inc.

Company Overview:

Since 2001, PlanITROI has been focused on Changing Lives with Affordable Technology. Now, more than ever, PlanITROI is considered “essential” and our impact on students’ and families’ lives is our driving mission.

Previously owned computing devices and mobile technology simply cannot be created. By partnering with organizations, industry leaders, educational institutions, and governments to uncover and recover the highest possible value for their retired and returned technology assets, we gain access to previously owned products.

Our supply team’s efforts to bring in previously owned computing devices provides us the opportunity to offer refurbished and recertified devices through major online retailers. It is our goal to always create an affordable option for computing devices so we can continue to make an impact on the students, families, and businesses who depend on affordable technology.

We’re a certified Great Place to Work in the US and pride ourselves on being a “People First” company. That means… in all situations, do what’s best for others. There is no better way to build a brand than to authentically do what’s right for others – every day!

We’ve been operating as a remote team across the US for years, so we understand how to operate like a well-oiled remote machine. The heartbeat of what we do is driven by processes and systems that keep us accountable and working as a team, we call it “The PlanITROI Way”.

Our mission gives meaning to team members, allowing them to sink their teeth into doing what they love and give back to their community at the same time. Come work with us to not only make an impact on your life but on the world!


PlanITROI embodies a progressive culture that is rooted in the commitment to innovate and change the world, and driven by a team who is willing to go above and beyond for our clients and customers.

We operate within a fast-paced environment that not only challenges our team members, but encourages everyone to use their creativity and individual voices to inspire new ideas, take risks, and to contribute to improvements throughout all levels of the organization. When you’re a part of our team, you are given the opportunity to expand your responsibilities and drive superior and sustainable business results. With our culture’s focus on personal growth, each day you will be working towards your professional development.