CBEST Solutions

We believe that you make an impression with your availability!

We share the same love for food as you and believe that our restaurant partners should have a fair chance to make their preparations worthy of your time and money. At CBEST Solutions, we aim to give them the right limelight via our interactive platform that takes care of taking food orders from their customers and offers them a handy way to choose what they would like to have for a meal. We strongly believe that good customer experience is accentuated by a seamless ordering experience, which is exactly what we are here for!

CBEST solutions love to make it convenient for our restaurant partners and their customers to receive and order their favourite meals at one platform. We planned to develop CBEST ordering systems after a quick analysis of the market, where we found a huge gap between the customers and the restaurants out there. By potentially identifying the cause behind this gap, we tripped across the singular absence of an online ordering system, which can easily fill this gap. There were also a few restaurants, who did invest their time, energy and money in building space such as this one but failed, owing to lack of experienced manpower and the sheer inability to manage the size of the operations.

We don’t want our restaurant partners to end up this way, which is why we built this holistic system to take care of your business operations in a hassle-free manner. You can get to know about our business model on our website, which clearly illustrates the function that we offer to our customers along with the service that we offer.

One of the crucial bottlenecks that most of our restaurant partners faced before joining us was a harsh severance from their profits, which went as commissions to most third-party vendors, with whom they had teamed up. Take our word for it - In time all those commissions are going to make you feel bitter about your existing online limitations. This is where our major business motivation came from. We wanted to offer a unique solution to our partners where they could keep their profits with them while paying up only a fraction of what they normally would, to buy a plan with us. This business proposition would bring the benefit of own brand name, a unique online space, and an increased customer base to our restaurant partners.

We know that there is no need for us to convert the equation for you, which directs the bulk of your profits in your direction. Our custom module incurs the least cost for carrying out an online function at this scale and produces better results for you.

We believe in our capability to transform business objectives into real time profits for our business partners. Join the bandwagon today with us!