Genotox Laboratories

Genotox Laboratories is a leading diagnostics provider in the field of pain management, addiction, psychiatry, and primary care. Our company vision is to deliver the industry standard for disease identification markers powered by unique, genetically guided signals. The development of our patented technology complimented by high resolution mass spectrometry and genetic sequencing capabilities position Genotox as a leading partner to clinicians committed to preventative medicine initiatives.

As the model of healthcare shifts from reactionary to preventative, the specialty diagnostics industry will continue to be a high value partner to all industry stakeholders, including patients, clinicians, healthcare systems, and healthcare insurance companies. According to National Institutes of Health, “the most effective way to help someone with a substance use problem who may be at risk for developing a substance use disorder is to intervene early, before the condition can progress.”

Identifying a possible signal of disease progression as early as possible is an industry “Best Practice.” In the process of treating, managing, and hopefully eradicating the presence of the disease, it is vital to identify underlying and potentially hidden signals that will eventually lead to the proliferation of a disease. Genotox’ high resolution diagnostics like ToxProtect™ eliminate the “blind spot” that clinicians currently encounter with alternative diagnostic providers. Studies on over 100,000 patients show that Genotox will find between 2-5% more cases of possible disease versus alternative testing solutions.

Our companies primary value proposition is in early intervention and treatment. Partnering with Genotox will result in a reduction in: overdose mortality rates, costly emergency room visits, costly recovery treatments, and ultimately, a healthier America.