Templeheart Films

Templeheart Films is an independent film and television executive production company with a track record of financing over 30 independent movies since 2008. We work closely with a group of highly respected movie experts and financiers who seek to profit from independent movie and television productions. Templeheart select movie projects that, we believe, are able to produce great returns on investments. Templeheart Films is an independent company, not attached or tied to any specific film producers. We have freedom to move within the film industry and hand pick the best and most commercial projects. Every film we get involved with should have widespread appeal for international audiences. Our formula for managing risk and ability to select commercially viable films is second to none. Using in-house expertise, Templeheart carefully select and invest in new film projects. Templeheart inform their members with details of these new projects. Members can choose to invest in the film if they wish. Every project we support is always fully financed, completed, sold and distributed. All parties benefit from successful projects and share in all profits.