Wealth Investors Club

We’re the premium trading mentorship program for making money with options. We coach our investors to make safe, reliable income in the stock market.

We typically help investors who are seeing returns of 8% or less, have money to invest but don't know how, are afraid to invest in the stock market, are frustrated about bad trading advice, are worried about downsizing in retirement, or they just don't want to lose money on their investments.

need support investing so they focus on their careers, are stressed out from speculating on the stock market, - are frustrated with incomplete trading advice and no ability to ask questions, struggle managing their emotions trading, or just have no trading experience at all but see the value in using the stock market to grow their wealth.

Our mentorship program is delivered as a mastermind and teaches everyday investors a complete system to make safe, reliable income from the stock market. Our founder, Mark Yegge, is a hedge fund manager who has developed this strategy through 40+ years of trading and a career on Wall Street. He works with our members directly to start replacing their active income with passive income using his system. Members get to meet fellow investors in the mastermind, as well as see the trades Mark is making in his own hedge fund.

We're the best mentorship program for trading options because of:

  • Low risk - Our trading strategy protects against loss
  • Complete system - Calculations and contingencies for every move
  • Easy to execute - Low time commitment
  • Hands-on training - Live instruction inside members' trading platforms
  • 100% of members have made their investment back in 2-6 months