ICT promotes the reuse of obsolete IT assets as an alternative for old fashion e-wasting.
Reuse completely eliminates any form of waste and landfill, dramatically reduces the use of environmental resources, facilitates access to technology to those who can't afford the latest and the greatest.
Scholars, who form the scientific foundation for our industry, recommend selecting reuse and re-purposing over any other form of disposal of assets whenever is possible.
The benefits of working with ICT include, but not limited to, complimentary 72-hour nationwide white-glove pickup, DOD compliant data destruction, inventory audit, and reconciliation. All services are free of charge as long as your inventory is qualified. When we are done with processing you will receive a cash-back and a certificate of compliant disposal and data destruction. Whatever can't be reused will be compliantly recycled. For that purpose, ICT partners up with highly qualified, most reputable, duly vetted, and certified domestic e-waste downstream vendors. Under ICT watch, no e-waste gets exported or landfilled.
To learn if your excess has unrealized reuse, residual value, or cash-back potential please follow the link find out now.
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