PureVida Water Technologies

Do you work in the copier industry or have other B2B sales experience? Do you know the greater Cincinnati area well and have contacts here? We are willing to offer a great sales compensation package to the person we are looking for to fill this position!

The Problem You are Going to Help Us Solve

Businesses are stuck in the past with outdated, inferior drinking water solutions for their employees.

  • Challenging, cumbersome 5-gallon water bottles
  • Bacteria infested, single filter water coolersor water fountains
  • Plastic intensive, eco unfriendly individual bottled water
  • Low-quality, bad tasting tap water

They do not realize that there is a much better option out there for them. This is where the tremendous opportunity lies for you and our company. Here are a few great things about our systems:

  • Eliminates the need for bottles, big or small by connecting directly intothelocal water source.
  • 4 filter processwith reverse osmosis purifies and delivers the highest quality, best tasting drinking water available in the market (Hot and Cold).
  • State of the art technology disinfects holding tank and touch pads to eliminate bacteria
  • Low monthly rental payment includes all service, parts and filter changes from PureVida experts.

We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. It is an obvious 'no brainer' for companies once they hear about the difference in our systems. We have an extremely high success rate in solving this problem for our customers!