We are a UK based SEO agency focused on delivering high measurable ROI to our clients by improving their visibility on Google and other search engines.

Officially formed in August 2019, we've experienced significant growth through the pandemic and are looking forwards to a more digitally focused world.

For us, more traffic or "Google rankings" isn't enough for us to consider a job well done. It's important that we're actively working to deliver increased sales / leads to our customers. 

SEO is a competitive sport, we're competing on behalf of our clients across dozens of industries to deliver the results that they need.

Whether they're a corporate high street chain or a small local business we pride ourselves on being able to deliver value at a budget the client feels comfortable with our bespoke crafted campaign

Novus are a team of 6 with the ambition of growing 3x by the end of 2021. So far (mid-March) we're halfway to that target, but have no desire to slow down.

As an agency, our greatest weakness is and has always been sales. As the MD writing this, my primary responsibility is sales. We close a good % of meetings, but so long as I'm the only one running sales, it'll remain a big problem as it's not where my skills are best directed.