RiseMetrics’ Founder & CEO Chris Belote started working for a security company back in 2006 as a sales rep. After a few weeks the owner asked Chris to look into this new thing called SEO and online paid advertisements.

Chris always had a “customer-first attitude” and succeeded in sales, but was always curious about why and how consumers found, heard about, and purchased from companies.

After working on the SEO and online paid advertisement efforts, Chris received his first phone call from someone that had found them online. They made a sale. The ROI was incredible. The light bulb went off and they doubled down on their online marketing efforts.

Chris and the owner went on to grow the security company from 4 employees at $20k/mo to 50 employees at $1MM/mo over 6 years. All with online marketing (and, of course, word of mouth referrals).

No door knocking, cold calling, or traditional offline marketing.

While Chris worked for the security company he took on several freelance projects helping out various types of businesses grow and scale with online marketing.

After he left the security company in 2012 Chris started Innovative Marketing and focused his efforts on home services and contractors.

From 2012-2020 Innovative Marketing has helped 100s of home services and contractors all over the world, mainly the US and Canada.

In 2020 Innovative Marketing partnered with RiseMetrics to continue offering the best online marketing services available for home services and contractors.

Our mission is simple: Real, measurable results.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” -Peter Drucker