Chany Kohn Photography

When a family contacts me for a family photography session in my chany kohn photography studio, I like to have a chat on the phone to ask some questions about how they might like to display their images.  If they are looking to invest in some wall art how they have decorated they home will play a big part in what kind of wall art to choose. I want to ensure the way I design the newborn session and the end result will complement the colours and interior design of the rooms in which the wall art will hang. That’s why the pre-consultation meeting is so valuable.

One thing new parent’s have often told me is they are about to upgrade and move house or their current home is not their forever home. This is perfectly normal as the family is expanding and more space is needed. However, this doesn’t need to stop you from showcasing the newest chapter in your life as a blossoming family.  What better way to make your temporary home feel like your forever home by having pictures of your family on the walls.