ResearcherStore, which is an officially registered company in London, UK, is dedicated to empowering passionate digital assets creators including researchers, authors, developers, executives, etc. through helping them in monetizing their contributions worldwide. To achieve that, ResearcherStore has built a publishing platform interconnected with a marketplace that enables researchers to offer their digital assets to individuals and business interested in their works.

In this unique marketplace, researchers will be fully allowed to directly sell and buy digital research assets such as simulation codes, data-sets, slides, tutorials, reports, manuscripts, video courses, training, etc. Basically, all the supporting materials that you cannot usually find in classical publication documents. 

In addition, researchers can offer and receive support for their reproducible research works through creating virtual products on the platform. So, researchers who are interested in reproducing certain experiments/results, or research studies, will be able to receive full support from the author/researcher directly. So, it is of a place where you can find technical support for the research work you want to reproduce OR you can offer technical support for the research studies you produced. Thus, it ultimately allows researchers to sell and buy reproducible research assets such as simulation codes, data-sets, videos, slides, tutorials, manuscripts, etc.

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ResearcherStore (RS) in a nutshell is a Platform for Publishing High-Quality Digital Assets, where it enables you to easily open a digital online store that allows you to publish digital and virtual products including but not limited to video courses, codes, datasets, tutorials, slides, reports, books, thesis, key notes, support & consultation services, etc. to the RS Digital Assets Library.

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Apr 03, 2021
Part time
=> Announcement <= We are looking for motivated affiliate marketers, online influencers, sales individuals and partners, who can join our affiliate program as soon as possible. By joining the program, you can earn up to 50% commission on any product you promote and sell, whether it is a   Digital Product   or a   Subscription/Membership   for the 750+   Courses   we have on the ResearcherStore platform. After registration , you will be given access to a member area, from which you will be able to generate tracking links for the products you want to sell ( Dashboard Affiliate Area ). The Dashboard also enables you to track your earnings, visits’ statistics, and some other options. For more information about the services offered by ResearcherStore, please check out this link  ResearcherStore Services | ResearcherStore Looking forward to working with you. ResearcherStore Team