THI Leads

THI Leads is a digital marketing agency that specializes in guaranteeing leads for local growing businesses. We specialized in generating patients for ophthalmologists. We help ophthalmologists generate 20-50+ new patients a month. How we do it is we use our own funnels and landing page that is proven to work for all our clients. We also know the right audience to target to guarantee leads. We focus on one niche because we gain experience on how to grow businesses in that niche so we can guarantee our client's leads. We guarantee our clients 90-100+ leads a month. We specifically set an agreement with our clients that we get you the lead inquires and it is their job to close them. Out of the leads we give them, they close 20-35+ a month. That is for the affordable way to get patients. We also guarantee our clients a set number of patients a month if they wouldn't want to spend the time to close their leads. Every lead that goes to our client will automatically be sent to them. What makes us different from other digital marketing agencies is we guarantee results. Our main goal is to achieve our client's goals. If our clients want an extra 20 patients a month, we will achieve that.