Alex Griffee ND LLC

I offer concierge functional, foundational, naturopathic holistic medicine 1-1 consults and high ticket packages for my services. I can do blood urine saliva and stool testing. I order and send labs to people’s homes. They can do the labs at home themselves and then mail them off. I get the results and I give them a customized individualized plan to start healing their bodies and reversing their chronic illnesses. I can do all this remotely. I use supplements and other lifestyle suggestions to help people heal mind body and spirit. Also I help people improve the environment they are living in. I help with gut and digestive issues and so much more chronic disease conditions. $997 a month for people on a month to month basis no contract is what I charge.  That’s just for my advice and having me “on call” for them. Labs, supplements and other things I suggest they will have to pay extra for. Basically it’s like a membership. I teach people how to optimize and use light therapy, sound therapy, air quality, water quality, food quality and how to mitigate harmful EMF electric magnetic frequency in their environment all to reverse chronic illness. I help people get answers and get their lives back. I help people nourish balance and detox their bodies in the correct order. Yes there’s a specific order to it. I don’t like or enjoy sales and closing. I only enjoy doing the doctor side of it. Plus I think it looks more professional and high class if I am reserved for only doctor things. I don’t want to be on a bunch of sales calls and meetings all day. That’s not my passion. That’s why I am looking for qualified people who will do this for me. Absolutely no refunds with clients once the deal is made but that’s in my contract.