Sports Thread Inc.

Sports Thread is the first all-in-one social, organizational, communications and marketplace platform for the approximately 125 million participants in the $19 billion youth and amateur sports industry.

Sports Thread has been ranked as a top 200 Sports App on the Apple App Store every day since March 2020. There are approximately 40,000 sports apps in the Apple App Store, which puts Sports Thread on the top one half of one percent (.005%) of all sports applications on the Apple App Store. Sports Thread has been ranked above Apps such as Barstool Sports, Fox Sports, UFC, NHL, and NBC Sports to name a few.

Sports Thread users connect and interact with the brand in a variety of ways:
Athletes use Sports Thread to get exposure and playing opportunities in college by posting highlights, stats, and other need-to-know information to their profile and the Sports Thread network which provides exposure and networking opportunities to college coaches. The Company has helped thousands of athletes secure roster spots and scholarships.
Users pursue personal branding by posting pictures and videos of their athletic accomplishments to receive recognition by the Sports Thread network of over 650,000 people, both in-App and on external social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook).

Users connect with one another using Sports Thread’s Chat feature and by commenting on each other’s posts.
Athletes, coaches, parents, family and friends engage with Sports Thread as a primary information source for the events they participate in. Users access the Sports Thread App and website to facilitate event registration, look up scores, schedules, and standings, as well as receive real-time notifications from event providers.

Sports Thread monetizes its user base by selling advertising campaigns to businesses who want to target the youth sports market. Through its Ad Network, Sports Thread distributes advertising clients’ messaging to drive branding, sales conversions and revenues via its digital properties – the Sports Thread Ad Network. The Sports Thread Ad Network is currently comprised of the Sports Thread iOS and Android applications,, Email, SMS short code, social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok), and affiliate websites.