Fluent Lead LLC

Fluent lead is a digital marketing agency that supports eCommerce companies to grow their business on the internet. From getting more traffic to boosting conversions, generating leads, we leave no stone unturned and consistently uncover strategies that lead to massive success. At our very core, we are truth finders and we take a data-driven approach to whatever we do - by trying, testing, refining and evolving our solutions many times over to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction.

As of now, we’re still a small, agile team of 11 excited about growing people. Our goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses improve their online presence, by providing a 360-degree solution for their online marketing needs. A lot of agencies offer social media only, or PPC only, or SEO only services. We cover it all.

Our mission is to help 1,000 companies with their online marketing tasks and increase their profitability.

Our vision is to develop AI software and integrate it into our marketing strategies, making enterprise-level marketing available and affordable to small and medium-sized businesses.

Currently, we’re on the lookout for a talented, data-driven (but creative at the same time) person as the main deal closer and salesperson for our own brand - Fluent Lead.

The primary function of this role is to work with sellers and brands to help them understand how our digital marketing agency can help them achieve their goals and potential.
This person will be responsible for prospecting through the company’s lead generation channels and closing deals over online video/audio calls. A key priority of this role will be the amount of sales closed and making sure each new customer has the potential for high engagement and lifetime value (LTV).

This encompasses working within our CRM platform, PandaDoc, G Suite to track deals, revenue, create contacts, develop sequences, compile research decks, craft proposals and properly transition clients to our account manager.

This requires working at a fast-paced tempo and maintaining high-focus.

Company values:

  • Over-communication - We’re all working remotely from our homes, so we need to make sure that things don’t slip through the cracks. It’s better to over-communicate than not communicate enough.
  • Finger on the pulse & staying ahead of the curve - We’re always up to date about the fast-paced industry, always in the know.
  • Do what works - We’re driven by data. Not what looks good. We’re in the jungle, the real world, we are raw and real with our challenges and we are raw and real with each other. No sugar coating.
  • Excellence - Always strive to complete your tasks to the best of your ability and look for ways to constantly improve.
  • Accountability - make decisions and own the results - Own your role. Take responsibility for your tasks. Proactively look to make everything you do more efficient. Don’t wait for others to tell you to improve something.
  • Different - Weirdness, not normal, not regular. We don’t follow the status quo.
  • Cooperative & collaborative - Be passionate about working as a team and strive to make your colleagues’ job easier with what you do. Teamwork - community-oriented, help each other out, cooperate, do not compete with each other, compete with other agencies.
  • Curious - Always testing new strategies, always exploring new paths.
  • Fun & Playful - Love what you do and enjoy working with your colleagues. Find the balance between working hard but make sure you enjoy it. Simultaneously - not pretentious, don’t take ourselves too seriously, can mess with each other.

Monthly salary and benefits:

  • 10% commission for every deal you close (minimum package price is $2000, our average package is $4000)
  • Working from the comfort of your home, which significantly cuts down expenses for travel and meals compared to working in a local office
  • Quarterly bonuses when you achieve your KPIs
  • 24 days off per year (with roll-overs for the following year)


  • Shadow team members to learn the ins and outs of Fluent Lead and our product suites. 
  • Reaching out to potential prospects and building prospective accounts to generate new business
  • Self-booking sales calls from prospecting (This is only for the time being as we're going to hire a person for setting appointments specifically)
  • Showing up to sales calls having researched the prospect
  • Reaching out to booked sales calls to prevent no-shows
  • Making offers to high quality leads
  • Following up through email and weekly calls with warm leads and prospects in order to engage with them and nurture the relationship
  • Craft research decks for presentation on these calls - showing market opportunity
  • Draft proposals to convert leads into paying customers and invoice them
  • Closing sales over online video/audio calls and using our OPM process to increase close percentage
  • Update CRM with information gained from calls or emails and create deals to track the progress of the lead
  • Following up with existing clients to check in, continue engaging the relationship, and upsell into next offer
  • Work with the operations team to transition customers for the fulfillment of their services

*Please note that not all of the above will be required tasks every day.

What we’re looking for:

The successful candidate will be hardworking, focused and personable with the following attributes:

  • US based (or any other English speaking country) with excellent English proficiency.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent, with 1-2 year’s experience in Sales, eCommerce, Digital Marketing, or equivalent experience.
  • Experience with Digital Marketing Sales and a proven track record of success and/or knowledge of Digital Marketing.
  • Comfortable talking on the phone and working directly with clients.
  • Passionate about software, developing business and technology.
  • Able to work remotely and possess his/her own laptop with a high-speed connection.
  • Proficiency with CRM platforms (Hubspot, Pipedrive, etc.), PandaDoc, G Suite are a plus.
  • Naturally confident and easy to talk to, great at building rapport. People would say “I feel comfortable sharing a lot with you”
  • Eager to learn and grow. Loves a challenge. Super into personal development.
  • Extraverted. Can talk to people all day. 
  • Wants stability & security with income, and willing to do the work it takes to be successful. Even if it means putting in the hours now to see results later.
  • Understands order of consequences (If I eat this cookie now, I’ll enjoy it now, but I’ll get unhealthy later… VS If I workout now, it’ll suck right now, but then I’ll get healthy later) and is able to resist instant gratification.
  • Very analytical and into numbers & spreadsheets. Loves taking detailed notes on prospects, documenting data, and looking at graphs to understand how to improve sales numbers.
  • Great memory and attention to detail. Quick to follow up and remind others.

The ideal candidate should also be:

  • Achievement-oriented i.e. measures performance, improves outcomes, sets challenging goals.
  • Exceptional at following-up and have excellent organizational skills.
  • Adaptable to a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines.
  • Comfortable navigating ambiguity.
  • A leader and self-starter - driven by curiosity to take initiative.
  • A strong relationship manager with solid business acumen and critical thinking.
  • Collaborative with the ability to skillfully influence and negotiate internally and externally.
  • Detail-oriented and able to multitask.
  • Great at cultivating and building mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Analytical with strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • An outstanding communicator with excellent interpersonal skills.
  • A team player with the ability to communicate effectively, both in writing and verbally.
  • A sales executive with a successful history of meeting and exceeding Sales goals, KPIs and revenue targets.
  • Organized with time management and scheduling with strong attention to detail and a focus on accuracy.