Etha Natural Botanicals

ETHA® Natural Botanicals is a scientific-based manufacturer and distributor that adds transparency, testing results, regulatory standards, and proper labeling to make botanicals more accessible and convenient. ETHA explores new knowledge and scientific research as we advocate for natural medicine to receive the credibility it deserves.

The word ‘ETHA’ is most commonly used as a name of Old English or Hebrew derivation in the late 1800s.  Etha has been used to describe a person who is noble, a seeker of knowledge, and appreciates nature.  We felt this captured the essence of what we are and strive to be.

Etha Natural Botanicals Remote
May 18, 2020
Full time
ETHA Natural Botanicals is seeking Sales Independent Contractors who want to work from home and sell in their local region. The Sales Independent Contractors will be responsible for connecting with potential resellers in their area who are all-natural grocery stores, complimentary health professionals like masseuse and physical therapist, holistic practitioners, naturopathic doctors, aromatherapist and other parties who would be interested in purchasing ETHA products at wholesale prices to resell. The Sales Contractor will share free samples, marketing materials, and pricing information and product details with potential resellers. They will also obtain purchase orders and ensure the reseller receives what they need. The Sale Contractor will follow up with existing resellers to obtain future orders, learn what they need to continue to increase orders, and build positive relationships. Main Responsibilities: The Sales Independent Contractor will: Call and/or visit...