CompuLearn Global

If you are the student:

  • We can help you with international certifications in weeks or months
  • you can take exams whenever you want
  • you will experience a good combination with work and private life
  • you will get guidance by experienced trainers
  • you can choose between Live and Virtual trainings, which are available with effective study tools
  • you will get a fixed study rhythm through our Regular classroom meetings 
  • you will be led in Small groups by top trainers from the work field
  • you will experience a personal approach with a lot of room for input of your own work situation
  • you will get targeted training of skills, interesting presentations and cases
  • we are available for your questions and we give you quick response
  • we offer unlimited classes, if free spots are available

If you are the employer:

  • our education products can contribute to the shortage of well-trained and skilled leaders and managers in the local market and your organization, which will help your team and organization to the next level
  • your trainings are guaranteed to fit in with the national and international labor market (most current industry knowledge exactly what you need)
  • you can choose from a wide range of certification  courses through partners in the USA
  • we can customize for your industry and for your learning goal
  • we provide your team with flexible study methods, which  are easy to combine with your organization schedule
  • we can guide your team personally and directly
  • your team can attend unlimited classes, if free spots are available