Megalodon Marketing

We Help Personality Brands & Companies Get More Qualified Attention, Leads, Sales And Up-sells.


Our CEO Jeremy Haynes has proven since starting the agency almost two years ago that personality branding works

You can build a company that sells services, products and provide information along with speaking gigs, drive massive engagement and have a 4X greater connectivity rate when building your business through your personal brand

You're worth more than you're showing the world and your social media profiles matter for credibility and authority.

It's time to make yourself known to your ideal customer base through content and distribution get in front of your ideal customers day and work with the experts

We'll be showing you over the coming weeks the exact strategies and steps taken to develop some of the largest personality brands in the world while monetizing brands and companies for those we've helped along the way

Thank you to our clients around the globe and for all those we'll support in the future achieving your goals