Digital and Social Media Marketing with Technical skills

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  • Remote
  • May 24, 2020
Full time   Digital Marketing Software

Job Description

Let me cut to the chase. We need help with our marketing, and we are looking for that special person who really gets what marketing needs to be to win these days.

Social Media: That will mean that you know social media, the channels, the post and can set things up to hum. But it also means that you get its a crowded market and you need to have quality content that cuts through the noise.

Chat-bots: You will have some technical skills because you know that its a must to get Chat-bots operational and helping drive customer interaction. Sure we have the chatbot technology, but we need a smart person like you to get it integrated and helping drive sales and support our customers.

Video Production: Video’s rule, so you have taught yourself how to do more than the basics in making promotional and short video clips and know-how, when and where to post them to get maximum leverage from your creations.

Digital Design: You can comfortably just in and use tools like Canva though you understand and can use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop if needed to give that extra zing to a brochure you are pulling together for the sales team.

Writing: You enjoy writing blog posts and understand the value of keeping your channel fed with quality content. This includes blogs in many of our sites.

Gig Economy: While we don’t like to outsource we do use the gig economy to supplement in the marketing area when needed and you know how to manage the process.

SEO: While SEO can be overhyped, you get we have to get our SEO up to speed and you commit a little time each day to get things done. This includes adding content as well as traditional SEO tactics to the websites. You will use our tools to develop and build web landing pages and then run analytics to review performance.

Email Marketing: Smart marketers know how to reuse and repurpose content in e-mail marketing campaigns. Our CRM has tools that enable us to set up and run campaigns. You will need to know how to integrate and use the tools to our best advantage.

AI tools: You fully utilize social media scheduling and love using AI tools to get traction. You understand the power of LinkedIn in business and have made it your mission to get a handle on how it ticks.

The right person: We are looking for the right person - not the right degree or an influencer in the fashion industry. We are a tech company and this role is key to our success. At this time, your work will directly support out Bus Dev and Customer Success Team so you will be under pressure to perform, but you love it. You have wanted a role that was outside the box and this is your chance to shine.

Our Technology: We developed an AI and VR technology platform and you need to be tech-savvy. We are not interested in a person who has no idea what the difference between VR and AR, what AI is and what it is not.

Self-motivated: We will help and support you in this role, but you are a highly motivated self-starter.

With COVID you will be working from home - as it stands indefinitely. So we are open to you being located anywhere in Canada. You are either a citizen or you have PR.

Overseas applications: We are not looking for someone from overseas and we do not want to outsource this role. As stated above we are looking for a Canadian citizen or someone with Permanent Residency in Canada to fill this role.

Prove it: Yes, we want to know that you can do this. Send us stuff you have done. Your personal projects or class assignments. Show us how you set up things or what you got working for you. We want to know you live and breathe this space.

Your degree or course is interesting, but if you haven’t been actually using this technology then we cant be the ones to patiently wait while you learn. We need a person that will hit the ground running and love the pace of our growth. We are an inclusive team - so we will all jump in and help - but this is your domain and you need to deliver.

If this is you, then please present your case. I look forward to learning more about what you can bring to this role.

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