Commission Only Sales Closer For $3500-$6500+ Packages.

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  • Jan 10, 2022
Contractor Digital Marketing

Job Description

We are looking for a sales closer who can close our Ophthalmologist leads. We help Ophthalmologists (LASIK Surgeons) generate 10-50+ new patients every month on auto-pilot. What makes us different is we guarantee our results and we close some of our client's leads for them. Each patient for them is worth $2000 (one eye) and $4000 (two eyes). If you were to think of it, they really need 2 or 3 closed patients to break even with how much they pay us. We guarantee them 100+ LASIK Inquires a month. Out of the 100, depending on how they do with the closing, 10-40 of them close. 100 is just the minimum we guarantee. 

Sales Role

Business Development